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CUSTOM MASSAGE ....................... 55min $95  /  85min $140 

Enjoy a relaxing light full body massage. Using light long and flowing strokes helping to relax the body and mind. The treatment can be very therapeutic to help relieve stress and calm the mind. 

 BACK, NECK & SHOULDER ............ 30min $60 / 45min $75 

Relieves soreness, releases stress, relaxes tight back muscles.


 DEEP TISSUE  MASSAGE .............. 55min $ 95  /  85min $140 

Specializes in working deeply into your problem areas to break away tense and fibrous soft tissue. Warm flowing strokes are combined with deep specific friction, building up pressure slowly according to the client’s needs.

 HOT STONE MASSAGE .......... 70min $130 and 85 min $155 

A deeply relaxing massage with a warm, smooth basalt stones 7 herbal essential oil, which melts away stress, sore muscles and promotes well-being.opening of the meridians and blocked areas of the body, accelerate blood and lymph circulation, improves flexibility, the nervous system is balanced, and deep relaxation is facilitated.

 AYURVEDIC MASSAGE ... 70min $120.00  /  90min $145.00 

Ayurvedic Massage is a totally holistic approach to treating the individual using specialized herbal oils. Boosts circulation and strengthens the immune system. Customized Warm healing oil is applied to your entire body with a unique massage method that stimulates lymphatic drainage to help remove toxins. This deeply relaxing treatment also mobilizes your joints, enhances tissue suppleness, nourishes your nervous system and alleviates stress. The perfect Stress buster!

 PRE & POST NATAL MASSAGE .....................55min $100.00  

Your therapist soothes your body through the transformations it is undergoing with a special, gentle massage using Shea butter cream to reduce water retention in feet and ankles, ease headaches, back ache, fatigue and edema.


 THE ULTIMATE R & R .................................... 2 hrs $ 195.00  

The ultimate relaxing custom massage with a nourishing blend of essential oils. As you start to drift away, Reflexology & Scalp Massage concludes this deeply relaxing royal treatment. The ultimate stress-buster!


Relax and rejuvenate.
Feel the synergy of tradition meld with the modern comforts of today as you reclaim your sense of well being in the beauty of our surroundings.

Explore More Treatments

 Couples Swedish                                  55min $190  /  85min $280  

Couples Therapeutic                             55min $200  /  85min $290 

 Couples Ayurvedic                               70min $240  /  90min $290  

A room for two, romantic for couples or shared with a friend.

Side-by-side massages with your choice of massage style. 


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